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Trading one step ahead!


  But you did not! Trading opportunities arise from the fact that people do not know exactly how the future market will develop.

  But what about a way to be among the first ones to recognize trading situations with a high profit potential? What about knowing about these chances at just the moment when they arise?

  The majority of the traders still would have to wait to see a clearer signal. Only then, these traders would be able to also place their orders, just enhancing a trend that you already knew (and used) before.

  How does it work? Scientific analysis techniques applied to stock and futures charts. Vector analysis really retrieves everything out of the charts, and gets you that decisive edge ahead of most others. In contrast to the more traditional "pattern analysis", VECTORBULL forecasting is based on a point-by-point analysis of the data stream, using and processing more information than other techniques. The result: Promising trade chances are detected at the first possible stage with high statistical accuracy.

  And even more: Our new integrated backtesting function allows you to test your trading setup and the quality of the vector-analysis on historical data, before taking any risk!

  Instant overview: So you are among the very first ones to have information about developing trading possibilities. No time lost by a confusing overload of data. Clear and specific recommendations for your trade, predictable win-situations presented when there is still time to act! Techniques established in the institutional portfolio management and broking sector, with full range of features now available for the first time for private investors:

VECTORBULL - trading one step ahead

VectorBull offers complete trading systems. Have a look at our
live trading here on the website.

See up-to-date trading signals and orders for DAX, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, crude oil, Nasdaq 100 and gold. The signals are updated a few hours before opening of the stock exchange trading.

VECTORBULL is your reliable tool, your companion and guide for the ride in the profitable and fast world of professional trading. Realtime vector analysis provides for improved timing, and helps you to avoid stress and poor decisions based on emotion.

One step ahead - the best timing for successful trades. Perfect features for all market scenarios, with very straightforward and clear operation.

Find out all the details now.

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