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Are you looking for a customized product that satisfies all your investors' need ? spring techno provides you and your customers with the most powerful all-in-one trading solution.
Our technical analysis and charting software gives you real-time access to Stocks and Futures, FOREX and CFDs - and even more markets. Maran Trader is a powerful tool, which allow you to chart and analyse quotes from any market in real time or on historical data. But Maran Trader is more than a charting program. It gives you the opportunity to test your own trading ideas by creating custom indicators and trading systems. It's comprehensive trading language allows you to develop complex algorithms and back test them. You can trade the markets real time with nearly any kind of technical trading system.


Real-Time Charting
Our solutions offer you a variety of chart types to choose from aside from the standard bar chart, and they support both daily and intraday charting. This includes: Bar, Candlestick, Line on Close and Point and Figure charts. The solutions also gives you the ability to view bar charts based on single tick or multiple ticks. Adjust all the colors in the chart for your needs. Set the session times to display.
Set a real time alarm to get informed via an acoustic signal or email when a custom price target is reached.
Choose from more than 200 indicators to display including RSI, MACD, OBV, CCI, MFI, Stochastics, Ultimate Oscillator, DMI, ADX, Parabolic, different types of moving averages, TRIX, Chaikin money flow, Bollinger, Pivot, Inside/Outside Bar, Welles, Candlestick formations and more.
Display trendlines and your own unique custom indicators

Trading System Development

We offer you the power to design and back test your own custom trading strategies. Find out how you can:

- Design and historically test your own custom trading strategies before you risk a penny of trading capital.

- See how your strategies might have performed if you made trades using them.

- Create your own custom analysis techniques with the built-in trading language, or modify the pre-configured trading rules that come with our solutions.

The Software is delivered with several custom trading systems , which you can use for your trading


Advanced Order Platform
Sophisticated and easy to use intuitive order entry platform supporting OCO orders, stop loss, profit stops and trailingstops, as well as phase to phase orders. Synthetic order types (if not supported by the exchanges).

Automated Order Execution
Direct order execution through trading systems without interaction through the user. Fully automated hands free trading, driven by any technical trading system.

Historical Backfill Through Own Server
Historical backfill is provided through our historical data server.
Data is automatically loaded and inserted into the charts.

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